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School Policies

Uniform Policy


Uniform Policy SY2018-19


Virtually all professions have either explicit or implicit standards of dress, and Somerset Prep DC is no exception. Students must abide by the uniform code every day.  Students are required to wear an ID badge and a school uniform each day. The uniform shirt must be purchased from the Somerset uniform vendor or the Somerset school store.  ID badges will be given to students by Somerset Prep DC.   


STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED INTO THE BUILDING IF THEY ARRIVE AT SCHOOL OUT OF UNIFORM OR IF THEY ARE OTHERWISE IMPROPERLY DRESSED TO INCLUDE NO ID BADGE.  The following uniform policy is endorsed and committed to be enforced by Somerset Prep DC Public Charter School.  Students are required to follow this policy, and failure to do so will result in the student being sent home at the door to return to school in the proper uniform resulting in an unexcused absence or tardy.  Please consult the daily uniform code below.


All uniform shirts and pants must be purchased through the Somerset Prep DC School store:

 Grade 6:   - Gold color Polo Shirt with Somerset Bulldog logo.

Grade 7:   - Red color Polo Shirt with Somerset Bulldog logo.

 Grade 8:   - Black color Polo Shirt with Somerset Bulldog logo.

 Grade 9: - Gray color Polo Shirt with Somerset Crest logo.

Grade 10: - Gray color Polo shirt with Somerset Crest logo, long or short sleeve may be worn.  10th grade students may also purchase a black pullover vest or black pullover sweater.  These sweaters must be worn over the Somerset White oxford shirt.

Grade 11: - Black oxford dress shirt with Somerset Crest logo, long or short sleeve may be worn.

Grade 12  -  

Somerset Prep DC PCS’s Daily Uniform Code


All students must wear their grade level Somerset Prep shirt with the Somerset Prep logo. Students are not permitted to have shirts made independently.   All shirts must be tucked in at all times.  


All students must wear UNIFORM tan khaki full-length pants or UNIFORM tan khaki shorts that are no shorter than three inches from the knee. NO CARGO POCKETS on pants or shorts are allowed. No skinny leg pants or five pocket style pants or jeans. Students must wear uniform style pants.


Additionally: SKIRTS are not allowed unless for religious reasons.  A letter from the church pastor must be on file for supporting such religious beliefs.  Leggings may not be worn under skirts.  Only black or white tights or knee socks.



  • Pants must be uniform style pants, which are not sold by Somerset Prep.  Uniform pants may be purchased on your own.
  • Pants may not be rolled up or cuffed at any time during the school day.
  • Pants must be tan khaki in color. No other colors are allowed. 
  • Pants must be khaki material. Students may not wear pants made of denim, corduroy or sweatpants material. 
  • Pants must not be too tight or too loose. Any issues will be resolved by the Dean of Students or another member of the Leadership Team
  • Pants must be worn appropriately with a black belt through each belt loop.  No sagging allowed or undergarments shown.
  • Pants may not have any tears or holes. 
  • Pants with multiple pockets, such as cargo pants, are not allowed. 
  • Pants may not have any chains, beading, ties, embroidery or additional decoration. 
  • No leggings or tights may be worn with shorts.



  • Belts are required and must be all-black with a plain buckle. No chains or other belts may be worn. No embellished or oversized belt buckles. Belts must be worn appropriately through the belt loops of the student’s pants or shorts. 



  • Black shoes are to be worn. This year students are allowed to wear sneakers as long as it is ALL black. Shoes that has other accent color will not be acceptable and therefore, students will not be permitted on campus.   
  • Dress shoes must be closed-toe, closed-heel.  Heels may be no higher than 1 inch.  Platform shoes are not acceptable.
  • No buckles, labels or logos.
  • Girls may wear Mary Jane or loafer style shoes, but NO ballet flats.
  • Only solid black or white socks may be worn. Multi-colored socks are not allowed. 




  • No jackets, sweaters or sweatshirts may be worn during class or throughout the school day, unless they are Somerset Prep Uniform logoed.
  • No hoodies are allowed at any time.  The Principal from time to time may reward students with Somerset Prep hoodies.  These are the ONLY exceptions and may be worn ONLY on specified days.



  • Students must wear their current school year Somerset Prep Academy ID badge around their necks so that it is visible at all times. 



  • Religious headwear must be individually approved by the Principal.  A letter from the church pastor  must be on file for supporting such religious beliefs
  • No hair picks.
  • No hats, sweatbands, sun visors, bandanas or headscarves.
  • Females may wear simple solid colored black, red, white or gold headbands no larger than 1” in width.  No rhinestones, flowers or embellishments allowed.
  • MODEST hair barrettes in solid color of red, black, white, silver or gold and no larger than 3” in length may be worn.
  • Hair beads must be solid colored black, red, white, gold or silver.



  • Only hoop earrings no larger than a dime and small stud earrings are allowed.  Hoop earrings must be gold or silver in color.  Stud earrings must be gold or silver in color or have a clear stone.
  • Necklaces ARE NOT ALLOWED to be worn at any time.
  • Bracelets ARE NOT ALLOWED to be worn at any time.
  • Rings ARE NOT ALLOWED to be worn at any time.
  • Watches may be worn that are modest in size, no larger than a 1” face.  Only watch bands in solid color of red, black or white are allowed.



  • No loud or bright hair color is allowed, such as PINK, BLUE, RED, GREEN, PURPLE, ORANGE OR NEON.
  • No loud, bight or neon colored lipstick, such as NEON PINK, BLUE, RED, GREEN, PURPLE, ORANGE.
  • Nails may be polished with CLEAR polish or “FRENCH” manicure only (white tips).  NO COLORED NAIL POLISH.


Cold Weather Options  

  • Grades 6th – 8th must wear the Somerset Prep logo uniform sweatshirt for their appropriate grade level OVER their grade level polo. No other jackets, sweaters or sweatshirts may be worn.
  • Grade 9th-11th - Must wear the Somerset Prep BLACK pullover sweater, BLACK pullover sweater vest or BLACK polar fleece jacket BLACK their white polo shirt.  No other jackets, sweaters or sweatshirts may be worn.


  • Non Somerset jackets and outerwear must be removed upon entry to the school and stored in the student’s locker at all times throughout the school day until dismissal.
  • All outerwear must be checked at the security entrance. All outerwear must be unzipped for the security check.
  • Undershirts may be worn under the Somerset Prep uniform shirt, but cannot be seen from the sleeve or collar.
  • All-black boots may be worn to school with full-length uniform pants. Pants must be worn properly over the boot (not tucked into boots). Boots may not be worn with shorts.
  • UGG boots or UGG boot style shoes ARE NOT ALLOWED.


Professional Dress


There will be days where students are required or asked to dress professionally. These include events such as: Professional Day; when a student is representing the school at an event; special field trips; portfolio presentations; and other school-related events. If a student does not meet the Professional Dress requirements on a Professional Dress day, that student will be sent home to change and his or her absence will be unexcused.


Dress Down


Throughout the school year, students may have opportunities to Dress Down. These are limited events and specific clothing guidelines must be followed. Students who do not follow the guidelines will be sent home to change and his or her absence will be unexcused.   Students may elect to wear their school uniform on Dress down Days. 



  • PE Uniforms ARE MANDATORY and must be purchased from the Somerset school store.
  • Students must wear a Somerset PE shirt and Somerset PE shorts during PE at all times.
  • Somerset sweatpants are also available for PE.
  • Tennis shoes must be worn during PE and must be solid white or solid black.